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First American National Bank is more than just a community bank—much more. You know that our mission is and always will be to serve the needs of Northeast Mississippians.

First American Insurance Services, Inc. , our insurance services division was conceived and is committed to the same ideals of service as its parent bank. We offer friendly, professional service at a competitive price.

Home Insurance One’s castle, the place we retreat from the challenges of the day. First American Insurance takes special care in insuring your special place—your castle. No it really doesn’t have to be a real castle, but we will treat yours like one. Broad coverage, adequate limits, great companies and great prices.



Auto Insurance Your car is your freedom. Full enjoyment of motoring can come only with knowing that your auto insurance is as fine tuned as your car.

We have several companies and a price that is right for you.

Life Insurance Responsible people want to be careful to provide for the needs of those left behind should an untimely death occur. Many people do not realize just how inexpensive more life insurance can be.

Disability Insurance What if you became disabled due to health or accident? A steady income during such a time could be a lifeline in keeping a family together.

Long Term Care Odds are, if you live long enough, you will be faced with the need of assistance in your daily living. Take the time now to make arrangements for your future.

Health Insurance Medical and drug costs, especially for serious illness or accident are going up much faster than inflation. You can select a plan from one of our professionals that will provide good coverage for an affordable price.

Annuities Are you looking for a different type of investment than a CD or savings account? If so, an annuity may be right for you. Long term (nursing home) coverage is another product we offer to meet your needs.

Business Insurance If your business is your financial lifeblood, we can help you protect it. Be it property, vehicles, general liability, worker’s comp, group medical or cafeteria plans, we have them all. Our professional agents have well over 60 combined years of competitive solutions for business owners.

We represent many, fine, strong companies who want to insure Northeast Mississippians. Many, in fact, tell us that the work ethic of our citizens make them very desirable to insure.

Please take advantage of obtaining a no obligation quote at one of our offices or from your local First American banker. Our quote will be tailored to fit your specific need.

Just Call: Belmont Office: 662.454.7831
Iuka Office: 662.423.9000